Boleite was 1st uncovered in Boleo, Mexico in 1891, within a region of the Baja peninsula that has become famous for exceptional minerals. Boleite is these kinds of an abnormal and complex mineral which the definition of its chemical composition and crystal framework have undergone several revisions considering the fact that its initially discovery… Read More

Cassiterite is composed of tin oxide and is particularly the key ore for tin. In truth, it truly is often known as 'the tin stone'. As well as its essential industrial use, it's got some exciting Qualities which make substantial-top quality crystals valuable gemstones. Cassiterite specimens are highly regarded with mineral collectors.Cassiterite is… Read More

System jewelry has been around for Many yrs, in reality, the oldest earrings discovered originate from the Sumerian Tombs of Ur, which date from about 2300 BC. It is alleged that the very long earlobes of Buddha photos make reference to the observe of sporting ear plugs of step by step rising size that stretched and elongated the earlobes. This is … Read More

An announcement jewel like no other, read about the interesting heritage of cocktail rings, originally a image of rebellion and independence. Margot McKinney Lightning Ridge opal and multi-coloured gemstone cocktail ringAssertion jewels like no other, it seems fitting that cocktail rings started off out as a sign of rebellion against the Prohibitio… Read More

Sotherby's recently sold a natural pink engagement ring for 28 million dollars. This article discusses natural coloured diamonds and heat treated diamondsEvery person I operate with is aware my absolute really like for everything that catches The sunshine and sparkles and in this article within the Workplace is prevalent expertise that I have a spe… Read More